Our approach

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We are harnessing the power of our multi-omic platform to characterize complex diseases and treatments where suspension cells play critical roles, including hematological cancers, immunotherapies, and cell-based therapies.


Hematological cancers exhibit highly elaborate and heterogenous genotypic and cell signaling profiles while featuring limited actionable mutations. Additionally, the tumor microenvironment plays critical roles in the cancer cells’ behavior and response to drugs. By addressing these challenges in patient care and drug development, our approach has the unique potential [rephrase] to deliver powerful clarity of individual patients’ drug response and disease evolution.

Our Approach

Deep phenotypic profiling and functional characterization of suspension cells can be technically challenging due to their susceptibility to physical perturbations. At LynxBio, we drive innovation by combining proprietary, cutting-edge technologies with [established solutions], allowing us to [take] our understanding of factors that drive disease evolution and progression to new levels.

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