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Embracing biological complexity, leading cures.

About LynxBio

Lynx Biosciences™, Inc. (LynxBio®) is a San Diego-based biotech company currently incubating at J&J JLABS. We are an interdisciplinary, science-driven, and multicultural team supported by a world-class advisory board and visionary investors, all dedicated to propelling the frontier of immuno-oncology and immunology therapies. Leveraging our proprietary ex vivo disease biology platform and multiomics approach, we unveil transformative, data-centric insights into primary biology, seamlessly integrating technology and biotechnology to expedite the journey of best-in-class therapies from discovery to development.


Our Platform Approach

LynxBio is at the forefront of a data-first paradigm shift in drug discovery, leveraging our proprietary patient-based ex vivo disease biology platform. The advent of single-cell and spatial technologies has illuminated the complexity and highly networked nature of biology. Our platform is engineered to decode the intricacies of this complexity, delivering transformative, data-centric (versus hypothesis-driven) insights that blend biotechnology with technology and accelerate the development of groundbreaking therapies from discovery to bedside.

Our approach is characterized by its precision in capturing the dynamic interactions of tumor cells within the multifaceted immune environment. By integrating dynamic, functional data with orthogonal multi-omic profiles, we construct a holistic systems-level understanding of human biology. This fusion of diverse data from sophisticated primary patient models enables us to quickly identify and confirm a robust set of druggable targets, enhancing translatability to the clinic.

To date, we have formed several strategic partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies, underscoring the industry's recognition of our platform's potential. In tandem with these alliances, we are advancing an internal pipeline centered on novel signaling pathways that orchestrate the interplay between immune cells, cancer cells, and the tumor microenvironment. Surpassing traditional drug discovery methods, our approach reveals new facets of biological intricacy and propels the next wave of therapeutic advancements.

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Partnering with LynxBio

LynxBio collaborates with leading biopharma and technology companies to explore diverse disease domains and rapidly identify novel, best-in-class therapeutic candidates, with an initial focus on immuno-oncology. We welcome collaboration partners with capabilities that complement and stretch our potential. Interested? Connect with us via the link below.

Development Partners


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