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Lynx Biosciences™, Inc. (LynxBio ) is a clinical-stage biotechnology company combining physiologically relevant suspension cell co-culture assays, automated microfluidics, and deep learning analytics with the goal of rapidly advancing drug candidates in oncology and bringing personalized cancer treatments to patients.


Our Platform Approach

Deep phenotypic profiling and functional characterization of suspension cells can be technically challenging due to their susceptibility to physical perturbations. We are harnessing the power of our multi-omic platform to characterize complex diseases and treatments where suspension cells play critical roles, including hematological cancers, immunotherapies, and cell-based therapies.


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Partnering with LynxBio

As a (re)mission-driven company, we leverage this clinically-proven platform to address unmet medical needs in oncology, with an initial focus on hematological malignancies. To date, we have entered into collaborations with underserved community hospitals, 12+ NCI-designated cancer centers, as well as top 10 pharmaceutical companies to advance promising drug candidates and identify predictive biomarkers in clinical studies.

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